The Friends of Steyning Parish Church

The Friends are people from across the community – whether church goers or not – and we welcome new members. We host community events such as concerts and educational activities so everyone can enjoy this unique building.

‘The best Norman church in Sussex and among the best in the whole country’ – Pevsner’s Buildings of England

‘Fun with the Tudors’ was a children’s half-term event which included tudor themed art activities, dancing and dressing up in celebration of the 500th anniversary of our 47-panelled carved oak screen. The screen was seemingly created to mark the marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. 

Friends Events

  • Do check out the schedule of our regular events, many of which are totally free. If you wish to help out at any event please pop us a message.

Church Tour

  • Take a self-guided tour of the Church, either within the Church itself or in the comfort of your own home. The tour covers the Church history from 11c to 19c and a discussion of the War Memorial.

This website has been recently launched and we would welcome comments and suggestions on any improvements.

If you would like to join the friends, or simply receive occasional newsletters please let us know here. There is absolutely no charge and you do not have to be a churchgoer. (We come from all backgrounds and different faiths, or indeed no faith).

And if you would like to help us with anything, we would naturally be very pleased to hear from you.


Click here to read more about this major church project which completely replaced the church lighting and electrical systems at Steyning Parish Church, to which the Friends contributed £35,000.