7 – The Font.

The marble basin of our font , like the nave, dates from the twelfth century, so Steyning babies have been baptised in it for over 800 years – with some interruptions – for example it was rescued from a pile of rubble in the churchyard in the mid-nineteenth century.

 The nave was originally much longer – if you stand facing the font at the end of the nave and look up to your left where the last arch of the nave finishes you can just see evidence that at least one more bay of the nave originally existed; you see the beginnings of another arch disappearing into the wall beside the organ.

This last arch to your left has the most distinctive feature which relates it to St Cross in Winchester – the horizontal rolls on the underside (see photo).

At the top of the steps you will see our ancient church door which also dates from the twelfth century, and is by far the oldest in Sussex.

Please play the following audio file to hear more.

The beginning of the lost bay of the nave
Horizontal rolls on the underside of the south west arch, very rare but they appear at St Cross and at Winchfield.

To your right can be seen the War Memorial commemorating the fallen of The Great War and WW2.

War Memorial

Please walk to the Church Chest (this is at the bottom of the steps on the right – see 8 on the plan) and then press Next.